Patients & Visitors


Patients & Visitors

We strive to make each patient’s stay at St Gregory’s Hospital as comfortable as possible, and also work to keep next of kin informed while a patient is being treated with us.

We accommodate visitors where it is appropriate to do so, and provide waiting rooms for families to use while patients are undergoing surgery or other procedures. These rooms are open daily from 7am to 10pm. Please note that we do not allow food, drink, or bedding supplies in the waiting rooms.


Visiting Hours

We understand that visiting time is very important to both patients and visitors, so we have devised set visiting hours to meet the needs of our patients while minimising disruption to other patients and hospital staff. Visiting hours may vary with each unit and will also depend on an individual patient’s condition.

If you’d like to visit a patient, please contact the patient information desk at the hospital or call us on 08033580364 for more information.


Clinic Schedule

Clinic Day Time
Antenatal Clinic & Lecture Mondays 8am – 12noon
General Clinic Monday – Sunday 24 hours
Emergencies Monday – Sunday 24 hours
Paediatric Clinic Monday – Sunday 24 hours
Heart to Heart Clinic Saturdays 8am – 12 noon